GOOGLE BUSINESS VIEW - Christchurch | Digital Vision Studio



Enhance your business' presence on Google Search and Maps with a premium quality 360º Virtual Tour powered by Google Street View technology.

Increase Your Search Visibility

Stand out in search results and attract more customers, drive traffic to your website and enjoy an advantage over local competitors.

Enhance Your Network

Make more of Google+, the world’s largest social network after Facebook and increasingly where people go to discover, share and review brands and businesses.

Maximise Your Google Maps Listing

Google Maps can do much more than just show your location. We add attractive images to your listing and a virtual tour gives people the chance to step inside your premises.

Add Virtual Tour To Your Website

Simply embed the code into your pages and you can enjoy all the benefits of the Virtual Tour on your website. Customers will love having a look around before they visit.



Make a great first impression with a Google Street View Virtual Tour for your business.

Google Street View has been around since 2007 but lately you may have noticed a visual revolution going on. Google Street View has now hopped off the street and into businesses, buildings, and places generally off the street.

This service has been running since 2016 and Digital Vision is happy to have been NZ agency offering this service. Digital Vision is a fully certified Google Street View Trusted Agency. The Digital Vision Photography team have many years of commercial digital imaging, 360 photography, video, and digital photography experience.