360° VIRTUAL TOUR - Christchurch | Digital Vision Studio


We create bespoke 360 virtual tours that provide you with the perfect tool to increase your locations exposure, captivate your audience & convert prospective customers into actual customers.

Our 360 virtual tours are a proven marketing method that have the unique ability of putting people within the space you want to promote, increasing trust & creating new business.

Compatible with all major mobile devices and tablets

Our virtual tours play well with all modern mobile devices, tablets and desktop computers using html5 web standards for maximum browser compatibility.

An increasing majority of potential customers looking to buy or rent a property are using mobile devices to perform their search and, more importantly, make their decisions on the move while out shopping, drinking coffee at their local coffee house, at the library or even on the bus or train.


Fully compatible with the latest desktop and mobile VR.

All of our 360-degree virtual tours and immersive walkthroughs come with VR built-in as standard and are compatible with all major desktop computer virtual reality headsets such as the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive and mobile smartphone VR glasses such as Google Cardboard.